Where I Stand

I've been reading the archives of Mike's blog, which has put me in a bit of a pessimistic/sarcastic mode. In an attempt to capitalize on these thoughts, I decided to make a list of my strengths and weaknesses in cycling - this calls for an extra dose of self-loathing.... Things I Suck At: Sprinting Descending … Continue reading Where I Stand

Race Recap: Boone Roubaix & App State Criterium

What a weekend. April 3, 2010 - Boone Roubaix Saturday's Boone Roubaix, which pays homage to cycling's toughest monument, was an absolute blast. It was completely and utterly ridiculous, legitimately crazy, and hard enough to make the hardmen suffer. I enjoy this kind of absurdity in a masochistic-tell-your-friends-how-stupid-you-are kind of way. Here's the rundown: Each … Continue reading Race Recap: Boone Roubaix & App State Criterium