Life is a funny sometimes. Not 'ha-ha funny,' but more the sort of scratch your head and say 'huh?' funny... Now comes the part of the post where I tell you why I won't be hiking the Appalachian Trail in two weeks. See, two weeks ago, I crashed yet another bicycle (this time a super-rad … Continue reading Derailed

Welcome to Manitou

I have arrived at camp. It's a wonderful place. Selected highlights: The staff is excellent! Internationalism (30% of staff are foreign; 75% in my bunk) Food (90% locally sourced, healthy, ample, and delicious!) Location - lakefront surrounded by beautiful woods Green! - we recycle or compost almost everything! Maine - beautiful state, friendly people, perfect … Continue reading Welcome to Manitou

Race Recap: VT Home Race/ACCC Championship

April 17, 2010 I'm....not.....getting.....dropped.....again.... Background: Coming into this weekend, I'd crashed in 3 of my last 7 races. 4 if you count rolling over another rider's legs in the VCU Crit. In the last two road races, I watched two winning breaks ride away from me on downhills, never to be seen again. Enough was … Continue reading Race Recap: VT Home Race/ACCC Championship