Through the Wilderness (aka “Go, Go, Go!”)

Looking back at Katahdin from the Penobscot River at Abol Bridge... ...which marks the Northern boundary of the 100 Mile Wilderness (cue dramatic sign): We quickly learned that "trails" in Maine are something altogether ridiculous. Yay! We're hiking again! Our first campsite was just up the hill from Rainbow Lake at Rainbow Spring Wildlife 1: … Continue reading Through the Wilderness (aka “Go, Go, Go!”)

Stop. Do not pass Go.

Katahdin did a number on Caley's feet. The day after climbing Katahdin, we spent the morning tracking down a few items we regretted not having the day before (better rain gear, hand sanitizer, and a second headlamp) while my dad was still able to drive us to a store. After stocking up we bade him … Continue reading Stop. Do not pass Go.