Chile on Wheels!

Short post today; just a few shots of the wheels of Chile:            


Santiago, etc.

I will spend a bulk of my time in Chile in the capital of Santiago. With a population of 6 million, it's not exactly the part of Chile that excites me the most. (Patagonia, the high Andes, and the Atacama Desert are a bit more my style). Nevertheless, it's been fun to wander around one … Continue reading Santiago, etc.

The Birds of Chile

On my second day in South America, I was lucky enough to join a birding tour with Santiago's finest bird guide. Thanks to some very lucky last-minute logistical magic and the fantastic response time of Fred Homer of Albatross Birding Tours, I got to spend a day searching for Chilean endemic species in the mountains above … Continue reading The Birds of Chile


Welcome to Chile!

I'm in Chile! As part of my cirrulum I'm in Santiago for a week-long global business seminar. During the class portion, we will be given a basic overview of the Chilean and South American economy, with a particular emphasis on Chile's wine industry. Poor me... I arrived two days early to do some sightseeing around … Continue reading Welcome to Chile!



Life is a funny sometimes. Not 'ha-ha funny,' but more the sort of scratch your head and say 'huh?' funny... Now comes the part of the post where I tell you why I won't be hiking the Appalachian Trail in two weeks. See, two weeks ago, I crashed yet another bicycle (this time a super-rad … Continue reading Derailed


Welcome to Manitou

I have arrived at camp. It's a wonderful place. Selected highlights: The staff is excellent! Internationalism (30% of staff are foreign; 75% in my bunk) Food (90% locally sourced, healthy, ample, and delicious!) Location - lakefront surrounded by beautiful woods Green! - we recycle or compost almost everything! Maine - beautiful state, friendly people, perfect … Continue reading Welcome to Manitou


Four Feet of Snow!

February 27, 2010 sNOw joke! There were nearly 4 FEET of snow at Mt. LeConte in the Smokies this weekend. I know because I was there, along with my dad and a few other curious (crazy?) hikers. Four feet is a lot of snow. We left from the Alum Cave Bluff trailhead along Newfound Gap … Continue reading Four Feet of Snow!