Chile on Wheels!

Short post today; just a few shots of the wheels of Chile:            


Santiago, etc.

I will spend a bulk of my time in Chile in the capital of Santiago. With a population of 6 million, it's not exactly the part of Chile that excites me the most. (Patagonia, the high Andes, and the Atacama Desert are a bit more my style). Nevertheless, it's been fun to wander around one … Continue reading Santiago, etc.

The Birds of Chile

On my second day in South America, I was lucky enough to join a birding tour with Santiago's finest bird guide. Thanks to some very lucky last-minute logistical magic and the fantastic response time of Fred Homer of Albatross Birding Tours, I got to spend a day searching for Chilean endemic species in the mountains above … Continue reading The Birds of Chile


Welcome to Chile!

I'm in Chile! As part of my cirrulum I'm in Santiago for a week-long global business seminar. During the class portion, we will be given a basic overview of the Chilean and South American economy, with a particular emphasis on Chile's wine industry. Poor me... I arrived two days early to do some sightseeing around … Continue reading Welcome to Chile!


The Wild and Wonderful Whites, Part 2: The Presidential Range

.....aaaannnd we're back! In real time I'm writing this post on the eve of our entry to Vermont. In blog-time I have to think back almost two weeks to our traverse of the highest ridge in New England. I'm hoping that I can avoid delays of this magnitude in the future - thanks for sticking … Continue reading The Wild and Wonderful Whites, Part 2: The Presidential Range


The Wild & Wonderful Whites, Part 1: Carter-Wildcat Range

The first days of fall were quite an introduction to the White Mountains for us. It seemed as if the weather gods had chosen to skip Autumn entirely in favor of an early and extended winter. Mt. Washington, home to "the world's worst weather" and the Mount Washington Observatory - an entity that knows a … Continue reading The Wild & Wonderful Whites, Part 1: Carter-Wildcat Range


Why We Hike: The Mahoosucs

The Mahoosuc Mountains are hard. They're intimidating. I was afraid of them. But after crossing the range I have a much better answer to the question "why are you doing this?" A guidebook description: "Five very long miles South of Speck Pond, you reach Full Goose Campsite." My journal entry from the same day: Thursday … Continue reading Why We Hike: The Mahoosucs