Welcome to Chile!

I’m in Chile! As part of my cirrulum I’m in Santiago for a week-long global business seminar. During the class portion, we will be given a basic overview of the Chilean and South American economy, with a particular emphasis on Chile’s wine industry. Poor me…
I arrived two days early to do some sightseeing around Santiago. With zero Spanish under my belt, it’s been quite an adventure!

   Fruit (and juice) are never in short supply in this Mediterranean climate. 
  Street view from my B&B    I set my sights on Cerro San Cristobal to get my bearings    A steep dusty trail led to the summit and its obligatory South American religious statue    Toothpick tree  Agave are everywhere…  …as are cacti and street dogs…  Santiago has a serious smog problem – you can only see the mountains from the city after a rainstorm    The tallest building in South America Sweeping seems be a past time here; I’ve yet to hear a single leaf-blower!   Flowers and candles

  And the statue  A look back at the trail  lots of bikes taking a well-deserved ride down the river is a bit lackluster after three years of drought  – apparently flooding used to be a big problem (in addition to earthquakes, volcanos, and mudslides…)

More to come- stay tuned!

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