The Wild & Wonderful Whites, Part 1: Carter-Wildcat Range

The first days of fall were quite an introduction to the White Mountains for us. It seemed as if the weather gods had chosen to skip Autumn entirely in favor of an early and extended winter. Mt. Washington, home to “the world’s worst weather” and the Mount Washington Observatory – an entity that knows a thing or two about unusual weather patterns – put it best in their first optimistic forecast of the season: “The winter-like conditions of the last few days will finally abate today…”


For reference, this is what unabated winter-like conditions look like:



A shorter summary would go like this: cold, dark, windy.





We stayed at our first AMC Hut at Carter Notch. An excellent night indeed! More on the AMC and their huts will be coming in a future post.




We got our first views of Mt. Washington and the Presidential Range…


Which improved massively a bit later…


Mercifully the weather did improve toward the end of this section. Unfortunately, in my haste to catalog the improved conditions I dropped my phone screen-first onto an iron-hard chunk of the Granite State’s finest. From five feet up. It shattered. Obviously.


Fortunately, my aesthetically ruined iPhone still works perfectly (at least as perfectly as an iPhone can be expected to work) for everything I’ve attempted thus far. I’ve got my Tenacious Tape at the ready in case of any further trauma…

Oh well. I needed to reconnect with nature anyway…

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