WordPress Mobile Blogging

This post was entirely composed on an iPhone (and on the interstate, to boot!)

I intend to use my iPhone as a do-it-all camera, message-sender, and blog updater on the trail. I downloaded the WordPress app today, logged into my account and began.

Interestingly, I actually think the mobile interface is better than the browser-based format. The only annoying limitation seems to be the size of the keyboard. I can only assume that I’ll have texting skills on par with the average twelve year old by the end of our hike!

It is quite easy to add photos to a post in the mobile app. WordPress connects to the iPhone photo repository (with your permission, of course) and inserts the requested image into your post at the resolution of your choice. All good. What may be alarming to some is that the mobile interface requires bloggers to see scary code tags that are normally resigned to the dark corners of the full browser version. (Warning, scary code below)

All in all I think the WordPress mobile app will be a pleasant companion on the trail. I need a way to efficiently upload photos and publish stories when I’m in town, and the app allows me to do so without relying on public computers or (worse) having to carry my own. And the best part? It adds no additional weight!

(And yes, I have weighed my iPhone before…)

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