4 thoughts on “Videos and Things!

  1. HE LIVES!!! Good stuff man! I can’t believe the last time you posted was back in the Black Diamond Ramblin’ days!

    1. Bernie,

      My harpa was made by Ivar Johansson in ’99. I contacted him 2 years ago (his English is very limited) and found out that he no longer builds instruments. He worked under the guidance of Tord Johansson, who essentially invented the fiddleharpa. I do not know of anyone currently making fiddleharpas, but I have not conducted an exhaustive search. Bjorn Bjorn (http://www.bjornbjorn.nu/indexeng.htm) has plans for a ‘violin tuned’ nyckelharpa listed on his website. I believe these are what I would call ‘fiddleharpa plans.’ My grandfather ordered the fiddleharpa that I play directly from Tord and had it shipped to the states.

      1. Thanks Nick,

        I have been to Björn’s web site, but only saw hints of a standard tuned nyckelarharpa but send him an e-mail to inquire. I should probably just try phoning him.


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